GUEST: Ms Khanh Ly Cao with her students at the Nguyen Hien Primary School, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

DATE: 15th May, 2019

The students of class IIIC of The Foundation School for the first time interacted in a skype classroom with their peers at the Nguyen Hien Primary School in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The topic of the interface was Say No to Plastic.

This skype collaboration aimed at educating students about the health hazards and other risks associated with the use of disposal of plastic. The session started with both the schools enthusiastically greeting each other and playing Mystery Skype.

Our students discussed how to tackle the problems faced by humankind at large and by the oceans because of plastic pollution. Various solutions were shared by our students who also shared how they limit the use of plastic at School and at home to protect Mother Earth. A video on No more plastic was also shared and discussed. It was also considered how we can recycle and reuse plastic.

Students of both the schools showed their art and craft work done by reusing plastic items. The guest school shared their views on the topic and also took us through their garden filled with planters made of old plastic bottles. Both the schools agreed that now we must spread the message Stop bagging the planet say NO to plastic bags.

The session concluded with both the classes reluctantly wishing adieu to each other with a assurance to spread the message of No more plastic and a promise to connect again.