Students of The Foundation School interacted in a skype session with Grunnsklinn safiri, a school in Iceland on 30 April 2019 with the objective of engaging with each others culture and traditions, thus a virtual journey to each others country scaling geographical boundaries!

The session began with sixty-four questions about India. Lo and behold the students of Iceland guessed it right! After that, the students of The Foundation School shared stories of their historical buildings, food, art and culture. They asked questions and gathered information about Iceland. They were mesmerised to be shown scenic views of the country across the screen. They were also very surprised to hear that the country did not have any historical buildings.

The students asked questions covering the sensitive issue of climate change and realised how Icelanders were trying to use more bicycles and preferred walking to reduce the use of vehicles. Being an island, their cuisine mostly consists of fish.

Our children enjoyed themselves thoroughly and ended the session by singing songs and inviting their new friends to visit India.