An adventure camp offers a host of outdoor activities that can be incredibly exciting, challenging and amply testing of fitness levels. It offers a unique outdoor experience. Keeping this in mind, our School, as customary each year, organised an Adventure Camp for Pre School and Pre Primary classes on 23rd February 2018.

The children dressed in their School track suits arrived at School dot on schedule and brimming with energy and excitement! The camp aimed at giving the children not merely an exposure to the world of outdoor sport but also a chance at strengthening their physical skills. The children in their tracksuits were led by their teachers onto the field. The entire field was transformed for the purpose. Our School back field and the skating rink were used for the activities. This helped us to schedule the events in a comfortable manner.

The different activities that the children enjoyed were the Commando Net, Artificial River Crossing, Burma Bridge, Trampoline, Parallel Rope, Ladder Climbing, Hanging Tyre etc. The children were triumphant when they completed each task. In fact, they were full of zeal and enthusiasm through the camp. They completed the course fully.

After the camp the children washed up and settled down in their classrooms. The day was a success and it was evident from the wide smile worn by every child who participated!