After the joyous Christmas carnival at The Foundation School, the students of classes I and 4 hosted a special assembly to explain the message of Christmas.

The hosts for the event were Samruddhi S. Sawant and Mohd. Irfan Khan of class 4. Sarthak Bhandari, class 4 started the assembly reciting a poem to set the Yuletide mood.

The little audience was shown a short nativity film followed by the choir singing the carol ‘ Joy to the world ‘. Students of class 4, Aryan Panda, Chetan Jha, Harshita and Anshuman presented a skit about a grumpy old man who finally learnt to be happy and smile by sharing and caring.

The children with the teachers, were enthralled by the euphony of the carols sung by the choir comprising Aryan, Anshika, Aakriti, Harshita, Sarthak, Divyansh, Hardik, Siddid, Saumya, Samreen and Simran. The voices were beautifully with each other.

It was a joyous yet serene experience for everyone present in the auditorium.
A dance presentation by the children of class I was also enchanting, giving an impression of the angels at Christmas.

The blissful day continued as our school choir along with Yamini, Jyotsna, Kavya and Akshadha participated in a Christmas video conference with Y Login Fach School in New South Whales, UK. The children began the session by wishing each other a merry christmas in Welsh or ‘ Nadolig Llawen!’ The children on both sides were in high spirits as they sang carols together, introduced themselves to each other, exchanged Christmas card making ideas, and much more. They enjoyed singing Twelve Days of Christmas by with actions.

Christmas was thus celebrated in full swing by the children of The Foundation School. The magic dust of the occasion was scattered all over even as the love and laughter of the children filled every corner of School.
“Laughter is a melody,
A concert from the heart.
A tickling by the angels,
Creative living art.
It’s sometimes gentle,
Sometimes bold,
Laughter is a freeing dance,
Performed within the souls.”