Education is the greatest treasure of all. Educational tours are extremely important for students to acquire new knowledge and explore nature. For this reason, The Foundation School provides different kinds of learnings to its students, incorporating field trips.

On 16th February, 2019 we visited the Sunder Nursery at Nizamuddin. The primary interest was to show students the heritage structures amidst the fauna and how a sustainable environment is being created by drawing inspiration from the traditional Indian concept of harmony between nature, garden and utility. 70 students visited the site accompanied by 3 teachers.

The Sunder Nursery is a well maintained and picturesque garden. Recently renovated and opened in 2018 for visitors, the site is a heritage one. You can see fountains and a variety of flowers and foliage. You can spend the day admiring the garden.

The students were divided into three groups and were ushered to explore their surroundings. Our goal was pointing out to the importance of saving our environment and the necessity of growing plants and trees. In times where urbanisation, industrialisation and global warming are major concerns, our children are the future and they should be well equipped and educated of the cause.

The children were very curious to know more about the diverse plants. They thoroughly enjoyed the field trip and animatedly shared what they had learnt with their peers.