“Great leaders don’t set out to be leaders; they set out to make a difference. It’s never about the role – always about the goal.” Lisa Haisha

On the evening of 5th May, 2018, our most deserving talent was bestowed with the precious responsibilities of leading the School with competence, commitment, confidence and responsibility.

The occasion marked the announcement of the first Student Council 2018-19. It is one of the most momentous occasions of a student’s life, when members of the School student council are vested with their badges of authority and accountability. The young leaders are expected to set new benchmarks for the others, motivating and guiding them.

The solemn occasion was initiated with an invocation and motivational song , “Nikal Pado Re Bandhu” sung by the School choir, set to a sublime fusion of classical and folk music. This was followed by a Bengali folk dance.

Council Mistress, Ms.Yahvi Seth, welcomed the the audience and spoke about the purpose of the Investiture Ceremony. Self-discipline and the spirit of responsibility go hand in hand in the making of leaders.

The Student Council then marched up the aisle smartly to the rhythm, in a resplendent procession and took positions on the dais. M

Finally, the much awaited moment to announce the leaders of our Students’ Council and apprise those in the audience, of their achievements was at hand. Leadership is about impact, worthiness, influence and inspiration.

To begin this auspicious milestone in the history of The Foundation School, Principal, Ms. Tania Joshi invested Meher Sagoi (School Captain) and Dhairya Saran (School Vice Captain) with their badges. Ms. Susan Thomas, Development Advisor, radiated pride and admiration as she pinned the badge and sash on Antariksh Mishra (Sports Captain). Ms. Sangeeta Aswani, Citizenship Coordiator did the honours for Rhea Grover ( Citizenship Captain) joyously as she congratulated the young council. Ms. Rajika Dixit beamed with appreciation as she did the honours for Vishwadeepti Vardhan (House Captain – Mars) and Anshika Priya Patel (House Captain – Jupiter). Ms. Abaan Gandhi (PTA Representative) encouraged the students as she pinned badges and sashes for Tanmay Sharma (House Captain – Saturn) and Diya Mishra ( House Captain – Venus).

The members then held out their right hands, as they were administered the School pledge by the Council Mistress. They promised to take collective responsibility and use their authority with integrity etc.

Ms. Susan Thomas addressed the gathering, and congratulated the new council. She urged the new office-bearers to shoulder their responsibilities with dedication and become competent custodians of their School in every respect. The ceremony concluded with a vote of thanks by School Captain, Ms.Mehr Sagoi and finally the School song.

It was indeed a defining moment for every member of the august student body. We believe that these young leaders will uphold the values of School and keep the honour of The Foundation School’s loftily hoisted.