Grandparents play an invaluable role in the lives of every child- they are the pillars of a family, the greatest story- tellers, the keepers of traditions and in many ways, the most precious treasures. The indulgence that grandchildren receive from their grandparents leaves a lasting impression on their personas.

We celebrated our Grandparents on 19th May, 2018, at School. Our dear grandparents were warmly welcomed by the teachers and individually presented with handmade colourful lapels which declared “Best Grandpa/ Grandma Ever”!

The celebration started with a welcome by Ms. Sitara Dhingra of the Pre–Primary department. She spoke about the importance of grandparents for our young ones and the value of the precious bond for both the generations- grandparents and their grandchildren. The values that emanate from this bond are deep and everlasting, she affirmed.

Our youthful grandparents looked delighted to be a part of this unique celebration in the company of their grandchildren. The children presented some peppy songs and a dances specially prepared for the occasion.

The mood was made for a game for the grandpas and grandmas next! It was a quiz to guess the names of songs whose tracks played. And no prizes for guessing if the grandparents were amused! They were scarcely on their seats- so eager were they to give the right answer the fastest! Much excitement prevailed- there were prizes for the most prompt answers too!

The evening concluded with a vote of thanks by Ms. Rajika Dixit, Headmistress. A round of light refreshments was served before the party dispersed.