“Double, Double
Toil and Trouble.
Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble”
- William Shakespeare

Halloween, is a fun day observed in various parts of the world on 31st October every year . The popular Halloween holiday, has its roots in ancient European traditions and people light bonfires and dress up as ghosts and witches to ward off evil spirits.

Ancient people believed that ghosts came back to Earth on Halloween. In fact it is said that spirits of the dead came back to Earth in search of living bodies to repossess the homes where they were live. The celebration of Halloween is therefore associated with the idea of good fortune.

With the same festive spirit, the Pre-primary department of The Foundation School geared up to celebrate this international festival. The students decorated their classrooms with ‘ scary’ yet extraordinary handmade crafts like, Mosaic Jack-O-Lanterns, paper bats, owls, witches and monsters and even listened to Halloween stories with awe.

On 31st October, the students came dressed as ghosts, witches, vampires, bats, etc for the Halloween celebration and were ready to go trick-or-treating! The School auditorium was decorated for Halloween, with all things spooky and scary! Ms. Susan Thomas and Ms. Rajika Dixit joined the Halloween celebration with the students of Pre-School and Class 1. The audience were welcomed everyone with monster tattoo stamps at the entrance.

The event started with the students sharing a few lines each about Halloween, followed by a group song, ‘Devil’s under my feet’. Keeping in mind the popular tradition of ‘Trick-Or-Treat’ and the spine-chilling setting of Halloween, the students dressed up as ghosts, witches, skeleton and monsters, presented an action song, ‘ Knock, Knock Trick or Treat’ and ‘Walking down the streets on Halloween Night’.

The celebration concluded with a ‘startling’ dance performance by the young performers on Michael Jackson’s popular song, ‘Thriller’and they stunned everyone present with their moves and stunts.

A special ‘ spooky corner’ was created for the children too! Here every child who ‘ dared’ to step in, got a tattoo and even got to listen to a ghost story!

At School the children were shown pumpkins and how they are carved for Halloween. We also made Halloween candies. There was much excitement all around!

Ms. Clara Soreng.