India celebrates the birthday of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru on November 14, as Children’s Day. Though Universal Children’s Day is scheduled on November 20 every year, India celebrates it on November 14.

His great love for roses as well as children is a well-known fact. In fact he often compared the two, saying that children are like buds in a garden. They should be carefully and lovingly nurtured, as they are the future of the nation as citizens of tomorrow. He felt that children are the real strength of a country and the very foundation of our society.

The teachers at every school look forward to this day because they get a rare chance to reveal to the children in themselves and make it a special occasion for their students!

The teachers of the Pre-Primary section made this day memorable for their little ones. From preparing a special assembly to carnival filled with games, we had it all!

The teachers welcomed the children with Doremon masks and a special assembly. As the performance began, the teachers broke into foot tapping dance steps! This was followed by short video clips of the children, compiled by the teachers. The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves and were beaming and clapping through the show. A short movie about Pt.Jawarhalal Nehru was also screened for them.

As a take away, the children got delicious chocolate muffins which they dipped in chocolate syrup and decorated with sprinkles. They also tried their hand at making canapés with Monaco biscuits, cheese, ketchup and veggies which they enjoyed thoroughly.

The students of Pre-Primary enjoyed the mini-carnival put up for them . They played various games such as balloon tennis and toss the ring-a-ding. The tattoo booth was their favourite , where a teacher drew little tattoos of their favourite cartoon characters like Spiderman, Superman, Barbie dolls etc on their hands and handed them sweets too! Lastly, the students took part ina lemon and spoon race – a tricky affair for our little pranksters!

There was excitement in the air and the young ones were full of stories about their special day at School!

Ms. Agrima Sardana.