Objective of the activity:

The object of this fun activity was to orient the children about the significance of ‘Holi’ and develop a sense of appreciation in them for the festival and the values attached to it. The activity also taught them to prepare herbal colours and understand why such colours are safer to play with.

As we know, Holi is celebrated across northern India with a lot of enthusiasm and happiness. Popularly known as the Festival of Colour, Holi is a great favourite with children and adults alike!

Our little pre-schoolers enjoyed celebrating the festival with a colourful craft activity-‘Pichkari-making’ where they used marigold flowers to imprint colours like red, yellow, green, pink, blue, on cut-outs of pichkaris. When done, they pasted lengths of colourful ribbon on the top to give the impression of colours splashing from the spout of the pichkaris! Inevitably the delighted on the faces of the little artists was undiluted!

Keeping sustainability in mind, the little ones also prepared herbal colours using turmeric, mehndi, flour and besan. They mixed the ingredients deftly with their fingers and packed them into small paper bags to take home.

The corridors of School reverberated with the chatter and laughter of the little ones wishing each other as the readied to head home. The teachers prompted them to sing along verses of some popular holi folk songs that had been taught to them!