By Mehar Sagoi, class VI

On 22nd November 2017 we, the students of class VI met the municipal councillor of Andrewsganj, Mr. Abhishek Dutt.

We reported at School at 10:15 am and went by car to his office. We started the interview by asking him questions related to the common problems people face. He answered, ”The problems people have range from electricity to the cleaning of roads. There is a special demand for swings in the parks.” Then we asked him why he chose to work as municipal councillor. He told us that he actively participated in college politics and thereby got motivated to serve society. He thought being a councillor was a good way for him serve society.

We also asked Mr. Dutt about his thoughts on waste management. He appreciated the question and said that waste management was a big issue in Delhi. We continued with the questions by asking why there are no dustbins in the vicinity of our School, although the MCD had started a drive of distributing green and blue bins in the city on 2nd October, 2017. He wanted us to be a part of the drive.

Our next question was on the pollution problem we are facing, due to which schools were shut and all outdoor activities were stopped. He replied, ”If you study regularly you won’t have to struggle during exams similarly, if the government was well prepared for this, people would not have to face a situation like this.” He told us how Singapore plans things out, well in advance.

On our part, we told Mr. Dutt about the solar panels at our School, the 3 R’s that we practice, our tree plantation drives, spot fixes etc that we are regularly involved with to sustain the environment. He appreciated our initiatives and said that we, as children can be the best brand ambassadors- we also need to be more futuristic.

The meeting over, we returned to School. It was a fulfilling experience.