To assess the aptitude and skills, as well as to ingrain a love for math amongst the children, the Second Inter House Math Quiz -Mathemagic 2018, was conducted for the Primary on 30th January, 2018. 20 students representing the four houses-Jupiter, Mars, Saturn and Venus, participated. Each team was represented by 5 participants, one student from each level.

The quiz began with a lot of anticipation and excitement. It was divided into 5 rounds. The participants ( and the audience) were exposed to a variety of questions based on logical reasoning and mathematical puzzles in different rounds. The last and final round hogged the limelight as it challenged the contestants’ I.Q. levels! The contestants and audience were on the edge of their seats through this round!

All the rounds were keenly contested. Some questions were posed separately to the audience and were answered enthusiastically. The enthusiasm and excitement of the participants, audience and teachers was indeed infectious and quite overwhelming. Each one present could be seen trying to get to the answer first. For once the teachers did not have all the answers!

Overall, it was an enriching, interesting and fun-filled activity. The competition between the teams was close but in the end, the most exciting, thrilling and evenly contested battle was won by Venus House which bagged the 1st position with an outstanding performance. The 2nd position was taken by Jupiter House.

Ms. Garima Chandel.