Rhea Grover of class VII and Aryan Panda of class VI accompanied by Ms Rukshana Khan attended a workshop on green buildings for existing schools by GRIHA ( Green Rating for Integrated Habitat Assessment) Council in association with TERI. Both are known for conducting need-based in-house awareness / training sessions for government and private organisations. GRIHA plans energy efficient models for various private organisations in the construction sector who are also engaging with GRIHA Council to build internal capacity on Green Buildings and undertake green renovation of existing buildings.

The Foundation School students actively voiced the activities and policies they follow on their campus to make it a green and sustainable environment. In a conversation with Mr Dinesh (Director NCERT, New Delhi) and other dignitaries they talked about the NO PLASTIC Policy all students follow and showcased that their School is green and follows the energy efficient model, with solar panels and rain water harvesting practices in place.

Praising The Foundation Schools efforts, Mr Dinesh said it is always a good idea to choose Schools to sensitise people on topics of public interest since it has the best Ripple Effect. Also he mentioned that teachers become beacons as they teach other teachers and information flows to the masses.

The programme was well organised with interesting games on energy efficiency such as the Energy Tambola, where Rhea Grover won the second prize! All activities focused on sensitising people on ensuring a sustainable flow of energy. Look for ways to reduce energy, by using energy efficient appliances- 5 star rated ACs and TVs etc.

A major focus was on waste management. We need to find better ways of solid waste management. Other activities were creating energy efficient models through a board game followed by the presentation and launch of the GRIHA App and manual under its Paryavaran Rakshak Programme.