On Saturday, 10 March 2018, teachers of Pre Primary and The Foundation School got another opportunity to enhance teaching skills at a hands’-on workshop. The workshop conducted by Ms. Sonia Relia aimed at developing interactive and activity based classrooms. Ms. Sonia Relia has over 20 years of experience of designing activity based group learning programmes for the preschool level in both conventional and technologically advanced classrooms. She conducts such workshops in different parts of India.

The workshop focused on different techniques to make learning interesting and lasting, using simple activity kits. Ms. Relia demonstrated the application of Jolly Phonics which is a fun, child centered approach to teaching the sounds of alphabets through phonics. This methodology enhances vocabulary, verbal and linguistic skills amongst children. We all know that children learn things with repeated instructions and demonstration and through learning by doing. Ms. Relia practically demonstrated a number of activities which help children develop a strong base of concepts.

In the course of the workshop the teachers participated in various activities which were age- appropriate for children in primary years. These were:
• Silence activity – A helpful tool using the hands to give instructions to students. This lays stress on the non-verbal language.
• E-books – An exciting new digital teaching aid that integrates interactive teaching and learning tool as a single resource. It contains animations, songs, stories, demonstration videos by the author to help teachers build activities and conduct them.
• Learning train – The focus was on learning the ‘fun way’ by listening to rhymes.

• Mamma-baby activity – A fun way of teaching upper case and lower case letters to children.

It was an enriching workshop which clearly portrayed the need for involvement, adaptation and creativity in teaching practice.