Nowadays, information and communication technologies are ubiquitous. This is due to expeditious growth of technology. Although, technical development has offered various opportunities and improved daily lives it has simultaneously produced new and serious threats, known as Cyber Crime. Even though there is excessive use of technology, the prevailing knowledge regarding crimes occurring in Cyberspace is inadequate.

In order to understand the various concerns and challenges related to Cyber Crime and how to protect oneself from becoming a victim, a lecture on Cyber Security by Mr. Rakshit Tandon (Consultant Internet & Mobile Association of India & Advisor Cyber Complaint Redressal Cell, U.P. Police Agra) was held at the American Centre on 15th May 2019. Our computer Teacher, Ms.Sunina Aggaarwal attended the session named Cyber Surakshit.

Mr.Tandon began the session with an introduction and then proceeded to explain the impact of technology on adults and children. He shared his experiences and briefed participants about the trend of crimes that he has analysed during the numerous cases he has investigated. He explained various terminologies such as Data Tampering, Spoofing, Phishing, Hacking, UPI and VOIP. Through the presentation and case studies, he discussed examples of heinous crimes of Cyberspace.

Further, the speaker discussed issues such as Identity Theft, Cyber Terrorism, Stalking, Cyber Bullying, Online Banking Frauds and Pornography. He advised the use of Two Step Security, keeping correct settings on the web as well as applications and the safe usage of Debit and Credit Cards. Mr.Tandon not only guided about staying secure whilst online but also cautioned about the penalty and punishment one has to bear for committing Cyber Crimes under Indian Cyber Law.

It is a well known fact that Prevention is always better than Cure .The session created awareness and urged the audience to be cautious while using technology.