Our country has a rich history and heritage attached to it and this is commemorated in various ways. Every year, January 25 is observed as National Tourism Day. Owing to the diversity India has to offer, this day  highlights the importance of tourism, to inculcate an enduring value for the unique features and heritage sites of our country and the significance of tourism for our country's economy. The students of The Foundation School celebrated the occasion in accordance with this year’s theme- 'Dekho Apna Desh’, across the levels.

The students of Pre-Primary  pasted national symbols on the map of India. Various national tourist spots were discussed and pictures of the same were pasted on a drawing sheet. 


The students of Pre school were apprised of the  importance of  this day as they dressed up in ethnic attire from the different states of India and spoke a few lines on the rich heritage and culture of the the state they represented.

Class 1 students explored Sikkim through a virtual tour, where the diverse culture and traditions of the state were shared in a curative power point presentation.  

The students of class 2 were shown videos of  the various geographical landforms of the country like the Himalayas, the coastal plains, the Deccan plateau, the Ghats, the Gangetic plain etc , portraying the country as a distinct geographical entity. Posters made by the students articulated the importance of tourism. 

Class 3 was told about the importance of tourism for the country's economy and for global learning. They made innovative travel brochures from a tourist's perspective, inclusive of recreational activities.  

Students of class 4 were shown through videos of the diverse festivals celebrated across the country and the role of tourism in the growth of our country. 

The students of class 5  were explained the ways in which the government promotes tourism and the vital role of tourism in facilitating  the country’s economy. Students also enjoyed watching a video featuring captivating historical sites of our country.

The students of class 6 students shared their views and inputs on the country's striking culture and diversity which can help to increase of  flow of tourists. They curated new-age strategies to help this sector prosper in the future with promising facts and ideas in a class discussion.

Taking the stride a step ahead, class 7 created a travel  jingle for the different states, to promote tourism in India. A continued growth of this sector will greatly help our nation achieve a global stature.

The day ended with the thought that we must all treasure our rich and diverse nation, as her citizens of the future. Students hoped that this year they would all get a chance to once again travel and do their bit to promote tourism in our beautiful country!