Oral health is an important piece of the puzzle, when it comes to staying healthy. A dentist’s expert guidance can help children understand how to maintain the best oral hygiene. The dentist can demonstrate good brushing techniques and advise the kind of food to eat or avoid.

Keeping this in mind, a webinar on oral care was organised by Colgate Palmolive India Ltd., on 22 February 2021 for the students of classes 1 to 5. The students participated enthusiastically in polls, quizzes and puzzles relating to oral health. They were told about how toothpaste helps increase calcium in the teeth and that brushing twice a day for two minutes will keep their teeth clean and healthy.


The children were particularly fascinated when Dr. Shriya Jaiswal, facilitator, showed all things that a dentist can do to enhance the smile of a person with dental abnormalities! She told them that a dentist can repair a fractured tooth, remove gaps between the teeth and align irregular teeth using braces. The students were fascinated to learn about all these possibilities!

Towards the end, with the motto- ‘Don’t rush when you brush!’, the students took a pledge to follow good oral hygiene practices and brush regularly.

The session was very interactive and informative.