Keeping in mind the rising levels of pollution and hazards of firecrackers, The Foundation School decided to create awareness about the spiralling air and noise pollution caused by the bursting of crackers. With the noble aim of celebrating a ‘Green Diwali’, the students pledged    ‘No’ to crackers and ‘Yes’ to a pollution-free environment.


To spearhead Diwali celebrations, the students took up various activities at each class level, focusing on the significance of the festival and the eco-friendly ways of enjoying it. Students at each level were briefed about the ill-effects of burning crackers and were urged to celebrate the festival with candles, sweets and ' enabling the light within everyone to shine bright'.
They were shown videos and presentations based on the same.

Classes 1 and 2 painted clay diyas, to reiterate, that these leave zero toxic residues and light up our environment brightly without harming it. 

Classes 3 and 4 students made eco-friendly diyas and lamps using orange peel, coconut shells and various other recyclable materials.

The students of class 5 made posters to depict ‘Green Diwali’ and the ‘Do’s and Don'ts of firecrackers'. This was their initiative to spread awareness through a virtual medium. Classes 6 to 8 wrote powerful slogans based on the theme. 

A Diwali craft workshop for classes 3 and 4 was conducted on 10 November 2020. The students learnt to make origami diyas to showcase the recycling of paper and thereby preserving the environment. 

On 11 November 2020, a special webinar was held for the parents of classes 4 to 8 on the topic ‘Ban on crackers.’ The session was conducted by Ms Sangeeta Aswani, Citizenship Co-ordinator. A detailed discussion on various ideas and alternatives to celebrate Green and joyous Diwali was also held. It was an interactive and informative session, thoroughly enjoyed by all.

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