Every child is special and deserves to be happy. The Foundation School strives to develop empathy in its students so that they reach out to those in need. On 30th July, the students of classes V and VI ( Harshita, Arumay, Hrishita) visited Palna  and interacted with the specially abled children there, along with Ms. Sangeeta Aswani and Ms. Neeti Gupta.

Palna is a heartwarming place, well equipped to address the needs of the children. The students presented the children at Palna with gifts and toffees. Art and craft often helps in bringing people together. The students taught these children craft using recyclable material like old cds , bottles, tissue paper rolls, etc. It was inspiring to see how our students communicated with ‘their students’ in a patient and friendly manner.  Soon the table was filled with beautiful coasters, planters, pen holders and tea light holders. The items made were an early lesson for the young learners- making a saleable item and thereby possibly learning a mode of earning a living for the future. The group then proceeded to have lunch together.

It was a memorable and exciting experience for our students -  not only did they  make new friends but also learnt an important lesson that everyone is unique in  a special way. They also learnt that they performed shramdaan in its truest sense, that is giving a gift of one’s time and effort.