The Foundation School held the first Virtual Annual Exhibition on 28 August 2021. The exhibition was an elaborate and meticulous display of research, application and new discovery by the students.  The students worked tirelessly with their teachers to learn, innovate and demonstrate their findings of science, technology, the languages, the social sciences and sustainability.  Their brilliant projects and working models put together after undertaking intensive research work were a pride to see.

It was a platform provided to students to tap their hidden talent and innovatively give shape to theoretical learning. This year, the exhibition focused on the theme – ‘Technology Then and Now’ and ‘Sustainability.’

Dr Rajvir Singh, Deputy Director, District South, Directorate of Education, blessed the occasion as chief guest. Vice-chairperson Dr Mrs Nayana Goradia, Acting Principal Ms Sukhmeen Kaur Cheema, members of management and the PTA body graced the occasion.        

For classes 1 and 2, the exhibition was an amalgamation of live demonstrations and recorded videos which emphasised  sustainable living and the practicing of an eco – friendly approach to protect the environment.

In English, the students conducted games on grammar topics, presented a quiz on current affairs, they enacted the roles of certain renowned scientists, demonstrated social media applications and performed a skit on sustainability. They also sang the ‘Environment Song’ and danced to the tune of ‘Heal the World’ .

In the Hindi section, the students presented a skit on how technology has made our lives comfortable. We can reach any destination using  navigation applications like Google Maps and can stay in touch with our loved  ones on video calls. This was followed by a poem on technology.  The models of rain water harvesting, air pollution and green city, integrating modern technologies were very interesting.

The IT department covered it all- there were games, quizzes, short animated films and a lot more. The session began with a brilliant presentation of the prototype of a covid simulator, followed by various health and wellness applications that our young coders had built themselves.

The segment included a show of websites designed by students. The students also demonstrated how to create a simple website.

They also presented various 2D and 3D games which were FPS and adventure games, followed by some amazing  documentaries and short films based on nature.

The students presented mathematical concepts for the  spectators with a lot of confidence. The topics for this section were various mathematical concepts of Tens and Ones, Shapes, Number Names, Measurement, Time, all showcased through games, presentations and drama. Some of the concepts like Comparing Numbers were explained through storytelling  All the exhibits displayed fun ways to learn the subject. Blending maths with art forms like music, dance and the visual greatly enlivened the proceedings.


At the mathematics exhibition, the students exhibited their intriguing models, activities and games based upon various mathematics concepts like division machine, the Lego Multiplication Tower, Storytelling - Zero the Hero, Application on Area and Perimeter of square & mathematical operations, etc. The exhibits not only demonstrated projects but showed  new ways of learning mathematics online and its relevance in day-to-day life. An interactive quiz ensured an enthusiastic participation of the audience!

The EVS exhibition section opened our eyes to the fact that technology is making the world a better place for us. The students showcased static and working models which can be used for learning various scientific concepts suitable for the age group of 7 -10 years. The students had creatively made working models of the windmill, the ATM machine, a solar car etc. The students also talked about technology in the near future by showcasing models of air pods, drones and sustainable cities. This event  provided a platform for the budding students to express their creativity and gain new confidence

The Hindi exhibition focused on the theme ‘Glorify the Hindi Language’. The students presented a variety of events enthusiastically, including role plays of renowned Hindi writers and poets, folk tales, plays, stories, adages of Ram and Rahim, and many more. The spectators were mesmerised by the performances and the students were praised by all.

The English exhibition offered a variety of performances. It commenced with a round of debate on 'Technology Then & Now'. The students presented a well-known Akbar- Birbal play with a twist of technology. Their command and fluency in English were evident in their flawless performance. Next in line were storytelling , poetry recitation, TV advertisement, Monologue  and The Talk Show.

The students of class 5 presented a play on the Little Red Riding Hood and left the spectators overwhelmed with their performance.

Also, on display was the English summer project made by the students of class 5.  Some riddles by our young Founationers kept the audience hooked. At the last was a scintillating dance performance by the students of classes 4 & 5 on Sustainable Development Goal 6 .


Science, technology and innovation must drive our pursuit of a more equitable and sustainable development.

When life on Earth came to a standstill, shortly after the onset of the pandemic, the planet, as always, continued to spin. It also, unexpectedly, began to thrive in strange but distinctive ways.

We were exposed to a world of technology, new habits and sustainability.

The students showcased some innovative gadgets implementing simple life hacks at home for easier work and sustainable living. Some of these were a simple vacuum cleaner with a plastic bottle, a hydroponic system of plants with reused materials, air cooler using an old plastic box and reused pvc pipes etc, a water fountain, the most innovative masks made of plastic bottles and old socks etc. The students also demonstrated fun filled science experiments to teach concepts like surface tension, the electromagnetic effect, exothermic reactions etc.

The last segment showcased some working models inculcating current technologies and their usage like the DIY homemade projector, the working of an LDR sensor and its applications etc.

The students of Hindi used the medium of drama to entertain the audience. The epic tale of “Vikram and Baital” mesmerised the viewers. The mono act play and the soulful recitation of poems demonstrated the skills of the students. The Sanskrit and French departments motivated the children to build their own mini- dictionary in Sanskrit, recite in French and chant Sanskrit shlokas.

The English session left everyone amazed by skits like the “Bear and Monkey,” and  “The Lion’s Weddings.” The students presented some proverbial acts, infused with humour. Various language games and recitals left everyone delighted.

Without mathematics, there's nothing you can do. Everything around you is mathematics. Everything around you is numbers and this is what the students exhibited through their displays.

In the mathematics exhibition, students did dance & music integration, Vedic maths, an Algebra quiz, Number games, the Toycathon, a demonstration of the relation between Math and Technology,  the Area and Perimeter of a square application, the Optical Illusion and other projects.

The Social Science exhibition was based on the theme  “Sustainability”. The students gave presentations on different personalities who dedicated their lives to sustainability. They also made presentations on how humans can lead a sustainable life, preserving the environment.

The outstanding feature of the exhibition was its multidisciplinary approach towards teaching and learning. The students learned the value of research work, organisational skills and team work when putting up an event such as this on a grand scale. The spontaneous creativity and the effort of the students was captivating and very engaging.  The parents were enthralled by the performance of their wards.