School held a workshop with senior students on skills of Public Speaking and interaction.  It focused on the new and changing skills required in the fields of Radio Jockeying and TV anchoring. The workshop was held on 10 June 2020 from 12 noon to 1:30 pm by Mr. Nalin Singh, Director of the NRAI School of Mass Communication. He is also a Bollywood director who has over 20 years of experience of media training in Anchoring, RJ’ing and film making. Movies made by Mr. Singh are ‘My Virgin Diary’. He is also a co-producer of the movie ‘Gandhi to Hitler’.
The workshop began with an exchange of greetings with our guest speaker and the students of our School. Basic tips were shared on how to communicate effectively  whilst interacting with people that you meet on a daily basis. This was followed by a series of questions and suggestions that may help to overcome the common fear of initiating a conversation.

Queries about dealing with stage fright was one the most prominent questions asked by the students which led to a very enriching exchange. The workshop included breathing exercises which help students comprehend the science of nervousness. Also taught were techniques of how best to learn dialogues.

The speaker spoke of ‘moral ethics’ involved in the job of a radio jockey. Our students shared their experiences of hosting school plays, Youtube content writing and the difficulties they come across in daily life. The speaker emphasised upon the importance of
voice modulation which plays a major role in conversation, method acting and show hosting.

Towards the end of the session the speaker summarised some essential points about radio jockeying and connecting with the audience. This was led with the demonstration of an exercise to strengthen the vocal cords.

Expressing their gratitude and appreciation for the speaker, the students thanked Mr. Singh for his time and for sharing his experience. They were excited about what they had learnt in regard to the career choices as also communication in general.