“We need to embrace technology to make learning more engaging because when students are engaged and they are interested, that’s where learning takes place.”

On 14 January, 2021, a virtual classroom was conducted for the students of class  IIA  with their peers from School Marcel Pagnol in Montauroux, France  and their teacher, Mr. Arnaud Perrier.

The eagerness was clearly evident in the eyes of the young learners on both sides. The session began with an introduction to the countries, India and France  by the respective students. Our students spoke about the numbers of COVID-19 cases in India and how people have learnt to make a habit of wearing masks and following the rules of social distancing. Their peers in France also shared how they are coping with the pandemic. Following this, our students spoke about our national symbols and what they symbolise.

Ms. Harpreet Kaur, class teacher of 2A then introduced the topic of the session: 'Animals'  Mr. Perrier described the different types of animals found in France and India with the help of a power point presentation.The game of ‘Mystery Animal’ was played by the students in an entertaining way. The students on each side, by turn, had to pick an animal and describe its characteristics to the group across the screen without suggesting the name of the animal itself! The other side had to then guess the animal by asking clever questions to arrive at the correct answer.

Both sides presented colourful pictures of the animals selected by them, for a better understanding of their features. It was an ‘edutaining’ activity where the students learned about animals and their habitats in a fun way.

The hour long interaction greatly aided the students to build confidence and improve articulation. It was yet another experience that enabled the students to appreciate diverse through collaborating across cultures and countries.