Friendship beyond Frontiers- Class 3A interacts with peers in Mexico City

India is a country that believes in “Unity in diversity”. And, festivals are the core of Indian culture. It is celebrated irrespective of religion or caste in the country, bringing people closer and creating a strong bond of humanity.

To establish new ties of friendship, this year the students of class 3A at TFS exchanged introductory emails with their peers abroad. Later they made beautiful Christmas cards for  the students of Colegio San Patricio Cumbres School in Mexico City and their teacher Ms. Andrea Gonzalez. The cards from Mexico City had Christmas greetings and the children there shared their plans of celebrating christmas with their new pen-friends.

The Foundation School had mailed their handmade cards on 10th December, 2019 and received the cards from the guest school on 17thJanuary, 2019. The students on both sides were thrilled to receive the cards! The joy and gratitude was clearly visible on their faces in the pictures that were exchanged by both schools.

Despite the  difference in the time zone, the Christmas and New Year cards brought immense delight and pleasure to the students of both schools.

The kids also received a Christmas video clipping from the offshore school. 

This small gesture of exchanging cards surely brought the little hearts together and introduced to new and unfamiliar tradition.

It undoubtedly paved a way to build a strong bond of friendship with the offshore kids. As it is well said “Friendship has no boundaries” shone brightly in this act!