An excursion to the National Rail Museum, located in Chanakyapuri, was organised for the students of class 3 of The Foundation School on Tuesday, 11 February 2020. Three teachers of class 3 escorted 65 students on the trip. whose objective was to develop an understanding of the evolution of the railway. The students were amazed to see the different models of engines and their working. They were enthralled to see the exhibits of wagons, coaches and locomotive engines displayed in the compound of the museum. On a tour inside the gallery, the exhibits caught their attention and curiosity. There, they were introduced to a wide array of models of engines and equipment associated with the Indian Railways since their inception. The children thoroughly enjoyed the ride on the toy train and were particularly thrilled when the train chuffed through a tunnel. The safety and security of the students was ensured by the class teachers and discipline was maintained even as, students were given the freedom to observe and enjoy the museum. The visitors were also excited to see the new inclusion in the museum, a model of India which included old and new townships with various modes of transport – Roadways, railways, metro, bullet train and air transport. The day was well spent, as the children not only learnt about our rail heritage but also enjoyed the experience which made the excursion fruitful and joyous.



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