On 23 rd September the students of class 4A engaged in a skype classroom with the students of Bastad Montessori School in Sweden. The session began with mystery skype. It was delightful to watch the kids on either side working in unison to guess one another’s country! They posed questions like, number of colours on the flag, continent,  language spoken and so on. Finally, after a rapid fire round of ten questions, both sides were able to guess the right country! It was interesting to watch our fourth graders working swiftly with the atlas. They were so triumphant to have finally got the answer right! They waved their respective flags and clapped for each other.


The session continued with a discussion on Peace, as both schools had recently observed World Peace Day. The students first shared with each other what peace means to them. It was a matter of pride to hear the young ones define peace as “the absence of war”, “living happily”, “being concerned about others”, “love and care” and one student even said “peace was being connected in the skype session”! They discussed how World Peace Day was observed in both schools.

The Foundationers sang the song “Heal the World” and the students from Sweden reciprocated with a Swedish song. The children then chatter with each other across the screen  to find out a little more about their new friends. They tried to find out each other’s time zones, subjects they study at school and the food they love. Soon it was time to say goodbye. However they promised to stay in touch on the e-mail. The teachers on either side assured that the same would be facilitated.

The session was interactive and brought about a fun learning experience for the children.


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