“Maths gives us every reason to hope that every problem has a solution” In an effort to lay a strong foundation of Math among the Pre-Primary students, our School held a Maths Quiz on 11th February, 2020 in the School auditorium. Ms. Neera Bhagat was the quiz mistress whose aim was to challenge the reasoning and creative thinking skills in a simple and playful manner. Students were encouraged to stretch their knowledge horizons and look beyond what they are taught in class. The quiz was conducted in a one hour special event where a team of three students from each house (i.e. Jupiter , Saturn, Mars and Venus) participated in great excitement! A total of five rounds were conducted to test student’s knowledge of the subject. The children displayed a good team spirit with all the students busy engaging with their house mates for the best score! Towards the end of the quiz , an audience round was conducted to encourage participation from amongst the non participant students sitting in the audience. It was their chance to test their understanding of the math concepts. After the thrilling audience round , the results were declared .There was a tie for thr first place between Jupiter House and Saturn House. Mars House was the first runner up and Venus House was the second runner up! The winning team of Jupiter comprised of Azhaan Siddiqui, Zoha Ali and Kanav Singh. The winning Saturn House students were Krishiv Bhardwaj, Shraddha and Reyansh Goyal. Experience says learning math can be made easy and enjoyable if the curriculum includes activities and games. A Math Quiz encourages and attracts an open-minded attitude among young children which helps them develop a greater clarity of thinking.


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