The students of classes V,VI ,VII and VIII had yet another exhilarating session with the School Chairman, Mr.Prafull Goradia on 22nd August’2019.

The children were eager to meet Chairman Sir and interact on the topic above ,as they had recently read about India’s first war of independence and were sure that Sir will share some fascinating stories beyond what they have read in textbooks.

And better than what they had expected, Sir shared some untold and legendary stories that provided the children a deeper insight to India’s freedom struggle. He spoke of the ‘Chapati Movement’  and how the first spark of revolt was ignited in 1856.


The interaction was centered around various events that led to the Revolt. These were the Sepoy mutiny, the impact of the revolt and how the revolt was handled. It brought under limelight how the British used the East India Company as a weapon of colonialism.

The interesting discussion got more gripping when the students were shown slides containing clippings from old movies depicting the emotions of various freedom fighters. The students could relate to the topic even better after watching the clips. The clips were enthralling, they contained scenes of Mangal Pandey´s martyrdom and lines from the famous ghazal, ‘kitnaa hai badnaseeb Zafar, dafn ke liye do gaz zameen bhi nahi milli’.

There were clips from the life of Rani Laxmi Bai too. After watching these, one could see the children feeling a sense of patriotism and they were filled with pride for their nation. Sir also spoke about the arms that were used during this period. This was followed by Sir answering questions that the students asked which help educate them on many perspectives of the revolt.

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