“I dream of a digital india, where cyber security becomes a part of our national security” – Prime Minister Modi

Keeping this thought in mind, The Foundation School, celebrated October as  Cyber Security Month. To increase awareness about cyber security and cyber crime  among students, on 4th November, 2020, a workshop for classes 6-8 was conducted by computer professional, Anirudh Thakur,  an alumnus of The Indian School, now working at TCS.


 The workshop witnessed active participation of the students as the topic greatly intrigued them. The workshop witnessed an immense exchange of thoughts and knowledge between the students and the speaker. Various topics relating to cyber security like threats to cyber security, cyber laws in India, various types of cyber attacks,  major incidents of cyber attacks in the world, etc  were discussed. 

A healthy discussion also took place on malwares, Trojan horses, viruses and hacking. Students also cleared their doubts regarding various aspects of cyber security , internet and browser features. The discussions about counter measures to cyber attacks such as having strong antiviruses, not opening spam mails, not using/ downloading from unverified resources, approaching the cyber cell in case of cyber crime etc were also very animated. The speaker was overwhelmed with the response and awareness of the students!

At the end of the workshop, safety tips were shared with students to enable them to protect themselves from incidents of cyber crime. These days students are particularly vulnerable to cyber threats as they are spending time on the computer as they attend online classes. The speaker discussed how students can design and preserve  the security of their passwords.

While the students of 6-8 attended the workshop, students of classes 1-5 also had informative sessions about cyber security. They were given simple but important security tips like informing parents about internet activity, not sharing pictures and mobile numbers etc.

Students of 1-8 then presented their understanding of cyber security in the form of Power point presentations and posters.

This session was very valuable as it helped to not only keep students updated about the greater benefits of modern technology but also teach them to use it wisely and cautiously.

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