Earth Day is an annual event, observed on April 22.  It was first celebrated in 1970, and is now being celebrated in more than 193 countries each year.  This year’s theme, ‘Restore Our Earth’,  underscores the need to repair and harmonise our relationship with the planet.

Keeping the theme in mind, The Foundation School curated a Daily Challenge followed by level-wise coordinated activities for the students to amp up their spirit and motivation.

The challenge was that we must not use any kind of paper throughout the day and also unplug all secondary devices in our homes. This challenge was initiated to help students recognise the importance of Planet Earth and the need for its protection.


Preschool students celebrated the day with a story-telling session on how to use the 3R’s in their surroundings. It was concluded with a craft activity of balloon impressions on  paper to form Planet Earth.

The students of Pre Primary watched a  PPT on the ‘conservation of species’ which told  them about being kind to all inhabitants of the earth. Students participated in a painting activity- ‘The Earth, we love’. Lastly, they planted seeds in jars while learning the use of the 3R’s.

Class 1 students celebrated the occasion by participating in a "Happy Earth vs. Sad Earth" sorting activity that illuminates the factors that help restore Earth and the polluting hazards that make Earth sad.

Class 2 learnt the importance of Earth Day by presenting a skit -‘Taking care of Mother Earth by keeping the environment clean and green’. They concluded with a pledge on the theme. Thereafter, the kids showcased their artistic skills by making a poster -"Save Earth".

The students of Class 3 painted discarded T-shirts with slogans on how to save the planet. They proudly wore the T-shirts designed by them and took the Earth Day pledge to protect their environment and nature. The activity created awareness about the need to save Earth and thank nature for all her bounties.

Taking strides ahead, students of class 4 shared their new age thoughts and ideas to restore earth and its natural balance. Expressing their ideas through - Flipgrid, the students showcased their initiatives at home to lend a helping hand to the ailing planet.

Class 5 students took a step to create a healthier environment by making the Fruit Peel Enzyme, which is sustainable, reusable and chemical free. Students were motivated to use sustainable products and try DIY projects to conserve resources and curb the use of chemicals.

Classes 6 and 8 prepared videos, sharing their contribution to the restoration of the planet. These students, at home, are  spreading the important message by conserving electricity, using renewable energy, preparing eco friendly gardens , and recycling waste, to make us refocus our collective attention to environmental issues.

Class 7 were shown a short film, " The Small Bird and a Robot" and participated in an Earth Day quiz shared by  which gives voice to environmental concerns and brings them to the forefront with collective effort.

These projects are a fun way to add a hands-on activities to lessons for Earth Day. It’s also a great way to help the students reimagine the world they want to live in.

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