The students of class 4 visited the National Science Centre on 25 September, 2019. The students kids arrived at School, all set with their picnic bags and just couldn’t wait for the teachers to say’ “ Let’s go!” Everyone was excited and each one had their own list of what they would do there.


Soon they boarded the bus, and activated their picnic mode! Excitement, giggle and thrill filled the bus. As soon as we reached the venue, the children got off the bus formed their lines and put on their learning hats. It was lovely to see the students striking a balance between fun and learning.

The students visited all the galleries. They began with the first one called, “Elixir of Life” where they were taught about Water-its importance and conservation. They then proceeded went to the Pre-historic life gallery where they saw the early man models, read about the Indus Valley civilisation and saw models of certain ancient Indian temples. The next stop was the Human Biology gallery where they were explained the human body in detail. It was very touching to hear one of them, “I wonder how my mom would have carried my weight in her tummy! “, she must have been a Superwoman!”. In this gallery they watched a holographic movie about the digestive system. They then went into one of their favourite galleries, the one with the dinosaurs! Some of the kids were a little scared watching the mechanised movements while the others enjoyed seeing them. They tried to learn all the names. The best part of the excursion was watching the kids run into the last gallery. It was the fun science gallery. Here they tried their hands at everything. The mirror maze, the pin ball, the weight lifting, the air piano and ensured they don’t miss a single one.

Once done with all the activities we came out of the museum and sat down in the park for lunch. It was nice to see all the children sitting together, sharing their food as well as their experiences.

Soon it was time to wind up and get back to School. The excursion was a perfect mix of fun and learning for the kids as well as their teachers. We got back and had a small class discussion about the great experience!


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