The eminence of a culture can be found in its festivals!

On 2nd November 2021, the students of class III A participated in a Skype classroom accompanied by their class teacher Ms Shikha Yadav to engage with Ms Ngoc Ha, in Vietnam and her students.

The session commenced with a warm welcome by Raaha, who introduced everyone followed by a warm greeting. After the introductions, the Indian participants introduce their Vietnamese peers to Diwali celebrations in  India.

Keeping the spirit, the students in Vietnam described their major festivals and also, interestingly described about how they celebrate Diwali.

The energetic participants of TIS shared the new ways of celebrating Diwali i.e. Green Diwali and emphasised upon the dire need to combat air pollution by taking all important  steps required to make their country a model of sustainability.

This was followed by a creative dance presentation by TIS students for their friends in Vietnam.

The session was interactive and was an ' edutaining experience for the participants on both sides of the screen.