‘One touch of nature makes the whole world kin’, by William Shakespeare.

On 26th August 2019, the students of classes 6, 7 and 8 visited the School Eco Park. 

It was a bright sunny morning, but as we reached our destination, the clouds drifted across a clear blue sky making the freshly washed, lush green plantation all the more beautiful and a welcome change from the crowded feel of Delhi.

The children enjoyed watching the quacking ducks and scurrying rabbits and were briefed about planting new saplings. The children were extremely happy to see the farm such a lush green with all the vegetation they and their peers had planted!

The students planted saplings of fruit trees like the mulberry, jamun, lemon etc in carefully planned pits, readied on the farm. They enjoyed planting the saplings and filling up the pits with soil. The students were able to plant almost 100 saplings.

They were overjoyed to see how the saplings they had sown last year had grown to become tall and thick and even beginning to bear fruit! It was discussed how the saplings being down today would also grow up soon as the monsoon has already kicked in and the plants are rejuvenated and ready.

Following this was a free play session where the children sat down and sang folk songs, thoroughly enjoying the quiet, far l away from the rumble and tumble of the city!  It felt wonderful to simply listen to our own voices echoing in the rustling breeze.

The students were given small jade plants wrapped in jute as their ‘memorable take aways’. They also cherished tasting freshly picking  pomegranates off the plants they had sown not so long ago!  What an invaluable experience for our city children!

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