On 28th August, 2019, students of class IV-B had an interactive and interesting skype session with Mr. Igor Bogdanoski from the Republic of North Macedonia. He is one of the pioneering    guest speakers of the Microsoft Educator community. Students look forward to these Skype sessions which have become a regular feature at our School. This time it was going to be a little different- the topic  was ‘Fractions’.

Students waited in anticipation to see what they were in for! The session began with Mr. Bogdanoski introducing himself and his love for the subject. Students in turn spoke  about their School and  interest in the subject. He then  covered various concepts relating to fractions - what are fractions, types of fractions, equivalent fractions, conversion of mixed fractions into improper fractions and vice-versa. Using a digital white board, he explained giving examples. The students were engrossed throughout the session.

To add to the excitement and to recapitulate, Mr.Bogdanoski challenged them with tasks, to represent various proper, improper and mixed fractions with the help of diagrams. The students were eager to work them them out on sheets of paper and quickly held up their answers. The interactive and hands’ on experience seemed like a fun  revision class just before the half yearly examinations!

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