Halloween is a fun occasion for our children.

Ancient people believed that ghosts came back to Earth on Halloween. It is said that spirits of the dead came back to Earth in search of living bodies to repossess the homes where they were lived. The celebration of Halloween is associated with the idea of good fortune.


To introduce our students of class 2 to Halloween, they were told to dress up as ghosts, vampires, zombies, and witches! Several activities awaited them.

The students played a guessing game wherein each student offered three clues about his/ her character to the others and the latter had to guess it! 

The teachers demonstrated how to create bat-shaped treats using biscuits and gems. The students were excited to make the treats for themselves and could scarcely keep themselves from consuming them!

The students also impressed their audience with their oratory skills in a Show and Tell activity during the celebrations. Ms. Rekha Kapoor narrated a spooky ghost story to lend to the ambience of the occasion. The celebration concluded with a Zombie dance by the class. The audience almost dropped off their seats in fright!

The special assembly was an introduction to an international festival even as it promoted bonding amongst the young peers.