“Dance for yourself. If someone understands, good. Louis Horst                                    

Dance is an integral part of the learning process, strengthening motor skills with rhythm. It enjoys an undisputed importance in the life of a kindergartener. 

In this direction, the Pre-Primary classes of The Foundation School held a dance presentation, ‘Happy Feet’ on 29th September 2021. Happiness was the theme of the dance presentation.  For achieving happiness, one needs to keep himself away from negativity and balance against all the odds. It comes from happy thoughts and that is what the children were taught as they matched step to music.

The children dressed in their colourful ethnic attire were very excited to participate in the presentation. They tapped their little feet and delighted everyone as they flicked their rainbow ribbons to the rhythm. The children handled their colourful props skillfully and matched their steps to the song. Every child spontaneously put his or her best foot forward!

The confidence, dedication and enthusiasm of the young performers were appreciated by one and all present. The gleaming faces displayed a sense of joy in the achievement. The presentation of the dance was a big commitment, but one that reaps countless rewards. Students exhibited their talents and made the day a memorable one.

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