The Foundation  School participated in the 17th English Language Meet held at Raghubir Singh Junior Modern School on 23 October 2019. The team of five students from classes IV and V was accompanied by their English teacher, Ms Kanika Batheja. Talented teams from 16 schools from across Delhi put forth their best endeavour at the meet.

The English language is an eclectic mix of lexical and lyrical splendour that dominates global expression. The young learners were delighted to be accorded a forum to showcase their prowess in three events- War of Words: Debate, Act the Talk: Enactment and Spin a Tale: creative writing.

Aliuddin  Mohammed of Class IV and Hrishika Jangra of Class V showed off their oratorical skills in the war of the words on the topic “Living without Plastic is Possible”. The debaters impressed the judges- Ms Rashmi Anand, author and Dr Jyoti Raina, with a keen display of exemplary reasoning and analytical skills.


In ‘Act the Talk’, Manha Khan Class IV and Shaurya Chakraverty  of Class V, in costume, enacted the story of ‘Alice in Wonderland’ by Lewis Carol. The gifted duo delivered a mesmeric performance of the conversation between the caterpillar and Alice. The jurists for this segment were experts and educators, Dr Nalini Kapoor and Ms Manika Batra, who awarded them a prize for ‘Good Effort’.

In ‘Spin a Tale’ Arohi Sen’ of Class V narrated a compelling story- reflective and original, based on the cue “It began with a glorious day at the end of June.” Her vivid imagination and creativity bore fruit as the eminent jurists- Devika Rangachari and Saishta A Khan awarded her the prize for ‘Good Effort’!

Ms Manju Rajput, Principal of Raghubir Singh Junior Modern School and the adjudicators felicitated the prize winners as well as the participants amidst thundering applause.

In the end, the beaming students and their teacher-escorts were served warm refreshments.

The competition inspired the children to think, work and enact creatively. It promoted artistic excellence and made the event most enjoyable for one and all.