The Foundation School attended the awards’ ceremony on the occasion of the 4th anniversary of the ‘Global Goals, SDG Fest’ at Ahlcon International School on 25 September 2019. The students were accompanied by Ms Sunina Kumar. More than 250 students from 11 schools of Delhi/ NCR participated in the festival.

The fest aimed at spreading awareness amongst school students about the Sustainable Development Goals, (SDGs) which constitute a set of 17 = objectives – negotiated and agreed to by all 193 world governments in 2015 – to end extreme poverty, achieve decent work for all, promote justice, peace and prosperity and protect the natural environment from humanly caused harm.

Schools and teachers are in a unique position to educate the future generation of citizens on the world’s biggest challenges and to motivate them to take action today. The fest aimed at empowering students to prioritise sustainable development in their lifestyles, behaviours and education.

The competition in different categories was facilitated online. The last date for submission of entries was 12 September. Our School participated in the Poster Making on Potable Water, Poster Making on Climate Action, Toontastic movie making and Equiz.

Divya Mishra of Class VI and Soumya Kastaur of class V were awarded the Encouragement prize for their Toontastic movie on SDG 15 Life on Land.