The Foundation School will be affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education. The medium of instruction is English, with Hindi being the second language. We are conscious about providing child-centric education, and offer learning that is both experiential and interactive. We believe that the curriculum should go beyond textbook learning and teaching practices must be innovative, continually evolving and stimulating enough to ignite creative imagination. Our teachers act as facilitators and guide students in their learning processes through activities, audio-visual stimuli projects and presentations. They select the best among the many teaching practices and adapt them into lesson plans to suit the needs of the children.

Participation in a wide range of activities- art, crafts, music, drama, yoga, sports, clay modeling, aerobics, gardening, public speaking, graphic arts, editing, quizzing, leadership grooming, life skill training and community outreach programmes,preparestudents for life. Not only is there a balanced integration of academics, arts and physical education, there is alsointerdisciplinary integration. Through computers, clay modeling and art, concepts in specific topics are reinforced when the same are being taught in the science or social science classes.