Janmashtami is observed to celebrate the birth of Lord Krishna who is considered one of the incarnations of Lord Vishnu. Despite being homebound due to the pandemic, the students of The Foundation School celebrated Janamasthami on the digital platform on August 27, 2021, to understand the relevance of Lord Krishna”s teachings about life in contemporary times.

Students participated enthusiastically and exhibited their talents. Pre School and Pre Primary exhibited their talents enthusiastically dressed as Bal Krishna, Radha and His cowherd playmates. They were accessorised with colourful bangles, odhnis and peacock feathers for crowns, to set the Janamasthami mood. The happy and excited students enthusiastically participated in craft and made crowns, flutes and the matki. They were all very happy to be shown the movie about Team Krishna and learn from the story about the importance of teamwork. 


In continuation of the festive spirit, the children were encouraged to celebrate the festival with their families at home. They were told about the universal values that are an important part learning from the occasion. The values of friendship like the timeless tale of Krishna and His childhood friend Sudama. A colourful dance by the students dressed as Krishna and the gopikas added to the delight all around. The students were very excited to see their friends all dressed up too!


The students of class 1 celebrated Janmashtami by sketching matkis, colouring  and decorating them with beads and coloured sequins. They were also shown a story on the birth of Krishna in the class.

The students of class 2 were shown Janmashtami videos and each child drew a poster of how he or she perceived the occasion. Taarush spoke some lines on the significance of the festival.

The students of class 4 made eco-friendly  cradles to commemorate the birth of Lord Krishna. They used recycled materials to decorate their homes for the festivity, to foster Zero Wastage (SDG goal No. 8).

The students of class 5 crafted the bansuri ( using recycled material.

It was fun-filled exposure to Indian traditions, and culture and a reiteration of the values of sharing, friendship and and tolerance amongst the students.The occasion brought the students together, signifying unity and faith.

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