“The library is an arena of possibility, opening both a window into the soul and a door onto the world.” – Rita Dove

As gateways to knowledge and culture, libraries play a fundamental role in education. The resources they offer create opportunities for learning and support literacy. They help shape new ideas and perspectives that are central to a creative and innovative society. In a world without libraries, it would be difficult to advance research and human knowledge or preserve the world’s cumulative knowledge and heritage for future generations.

Keeping the same in mind, The Indian School – Second Shift organised its customary Library Week from 22 to 26 November 2021. The week showcased myriad activities and all the students actively participated to demonstrate their creativity. The aim was to infuse the students with new appreciation, understanding, love and articulation of the languages.

Students of Pre school actively participated in storytelling sessions with stories like “Pinocchio,” “Frog and his Friends” and “Bruno” read in class. They made bookmarks with ice-cream sticks as a follow-up activity.

In Pre-primary, students were informed about e-book technology and digitalisation. The Panchatantra and value based stories like the “Rainbowfish,” “Mother Cow Moo and Baby Calf Jo Jo” were read aloud and students made mask puppets relating to them. They also made their own story booklets and bookmarks.

The students of class 1 read stories on Thanksgiving which entertained them thoroughly besides helping them learn many words. A paper turkey was also made by them as a follow-up activity. The children were also encouraged to read age-appropriate articles in the newspapers.

Class 2 and 3 students read and shared their favourite stories in class. They made library corners in their homes and decorated these with books and story puppets. Children also dressed up as their favourite storybook characters and made colourful bookmarks.

Class 3 students created personal reading corners and spoke about their favourite authors during the online class.

Students of class 4 engaged with peers in Vietnam and Russian during the week. In the session with Russian pals on 22 November, our students narrated the story, ‘The Ant and the Elephant’ while the partner school students narrated the story of the ‘Little Round Bun’. 

On 23 November, students captivated their viewers with a folktale from the Panchatantra, “The Mongoose and the Farmer's Wife’’, while their peers in Vietnam shared some amazing cultural facts about their country. Further, a read-aloud story session was also conducted where each student in the class got an opportunity to read as well as share his or her views on what was being read. 

Class 5 students took part in a Padlet activity 'My Favourite Book-I recommend' wherein the students shared and dropped book recommendations online for their friends. Library class was all about storytelling by the students using interesting props and presentations. The week was spent well by solving puzzles and participating in an online quiz. A book cover making activity and a podcast were also held to initiate the children into incorporating art with literature. 

For class 6, an online library quiz was conducted. The students actively engaged themselves in answering questions like ‘Which superhero works as a librarian during the day?’ ignited their minds, thereby leading them to research and answer.   

In class 7, students shared their favourite novels like “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer,” etc and also why these are their favourites. Students narrated their favourite instances from the books and this prompted other students to be curious to want to read them.

Class 8 students were shown an audio visual clip on the history of the library and the do's and don'ts of the library. 

Library Week was indeed an enriching experience for the students across the classes. It brought the students closer to the magic of language and literature.