A team of thirteen gifted artists drawn from classes III to V of The Foundation School, were accompanied by their teacher, Ms Yahvi Seth to the MOD Promethean Literary Fest held at Modern School, Vasant Vihar on 26 July 2019.

The extremely talented and enthusiastic team participated in the three events.

Event 1: Twist in a Tale

Five versatile actors of classes IV and V- Sayyed Ali, Akshadhaa Yadav, Riddhi Solanki, Hrishika Jangra and Aayan Farooqui lent a dramatic twist to the all-time favourite tale, The Three little Bears.

Event 2: Spell Bee

Manya Khan and Arohi Sen took part in the Spell Bee and made it to the semi finals.

Event 3: Poetry Recitation

Six students of class III- Advaya Rajesh, Karan Rawal, Aqib Jalil, Toshi, Alishba Ali and Ayaansh Sharma recited the poem, ‘Macavity :the Mystery Cat’ by  T.S.Elliot with zeal and enthusiasm.