“Storytelling is the oldest form and art of passing down folktales or family stories from one generation to another generation.”

The Foundation School celebrated the festival of words, Literary Week from 29th July to 2nd August, 2019. Various activities were planned keeping the theme of the year in view.

For Preschool, the state in focus was West Bengal. A Bengali folktale, ‘Grandma and the Giant Gourd’ was presented by the children wherein they even learned to speak a few Bengali lines “Ek je chhhilo chotur thakuma” followed by a craft activity- making a dog from newspaper. The tiny tots of Preschool also enjoyed a storytelling session dramatised by teachers on the famous fable “The three little pigs”. The students made pig masks.

For Preprimary, the activities started with the narration of a story from the east coast of India “The Fox and the Tortoise” on the first day, followed by a sequencing activity in which our little munchkins were asked to arrange story cards in their correct sequence. An audio-visual was shown to the students for the same story on Day 2. On Day 3, our students enjoyed a story telling session in which the stories ‘An Elephant and its Trunk’ and ‘Lalchi Idlivali’ were narrated to them. The students enjoyed a fantastic craft session where they made elephant masks.

Literary Week concluded with the narration of stories ‘Opposite Fun’ and ‘The Ant and the Grasshopper’ by our special guests, Ms. Monika Chaudhary and Ms. Jayasha Shandilya. Overall, the Literary Week brought the students closer to the magic of literature!