During the literary week from 29th July 2019 to 2nd August 2019, the library was abuzz with activities. The aim of this special week is to bring students close to literature and inculcate a love for reading amongst them. Students from classes I to VIII  enthusiastically took part in various events like making attractive book marks, beautiful book covers, reading aloud and play acting interesting stories in the library.

For classes I and II who are being introduced to literature and reading, making book marks with their thumbprint and fingerprints, was something they found very interesting and new. They learnt the use of bookmarks. Their hand made book marks also egged them on to reading new books.
For class III there were two activities-

Recognition of the evergreen literary characters- Children started recognising some famous literary characters like Tom Sawyer, Sherlock Holmes, Huckleberry Finn, Harry Potter and others.Their activity involved identifying the same in a collage.
Collage. Children not only got to know the names of famous story book  characters but also prompted them to ask for books where they appear. 
Composing stories from picture cards- Picture reading attracts children from their early years. Their imagination helped them compose delightful short stories by arranging the picture cards.

Class 4 was involved with making colourful book covers for their favourite books. Combining art with literature produced lovely book covers.

Class 5 prepared small story books based on an award winning short film, ‘The Lost Thing’, which was specially screened for them. It not only boosted their writing skills but also their illustrations  based on the story.

Class 6 composed short stories on different subjects assigned to them on a spin wheel. Spinning a wheel combined play with literature!

Classes 7 and 8 were asked to identify the quotes of famous personalities like Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore, Sudha Murthy, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru etc to name a few. The children were especially  interested in this activity since they got acquainted with the quotes and learnt to interpret the values they convey.