We are living in an era of science and technology which has revolutionised the world. With innovation and advancement in technology, neither time nor distance stands in the way of effective communication.

On 19th November, 2019, class  3-A, engaged in a Monster collaboration with the students of H B Rhame Elementary School in Columbia, US.


The students of both schools thoroughly enjoyed making the ‘monster’ based on the instructions provided by each other. They exchanged their views on the flip grid interface wherein, they shared information about their schools, sang self-composed songs on Monster and interacted about the fun and also the challenges they faced as they made Monster.

The students were very curious to watch the videos of their partner off-shore school over the platform called “flip- grid”. It was a new experience for them.

The sharing of information about the monster making project through the flip- grid, made it possible for our students to connect with the students in Colombia despite the great difference in the time zones of both countries. 

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