On18 July 2020, The Foundation School observed Nelson Mandela International Day remembering the legacy of the man transformed the 20th century and helped shaped the 21st. Renewing the values of determination and equality, our young Foundationeers at all levels participated enthusiastically in special activities on the occasion.
The inspirational Nobel Peace Prize Laureate personifies the way in which the human spirit can triumph over hate and evil by embracing peace and reconciliation, in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds. In the pandemic scenario, students paid homage to the great leader by connecting with their peers across the globe. 

Students of Pre-school and Pre-primary level engaged in an online class with their teachers who told them the story of the famous South African President and his struggles for what he believed in. The children also took a pledge, "To bring change with my own hands".
Class 1 had the opportunity of a virtual interaction with Ms Gosia Buszman, educator from Poland. She brought Mandela alive through her Wakelet presentation. She enthralled the young students with a quiz and an art session where the children made flags of Poland and India with ear bud painting, as a symbol of global acknowledgment and acceptance of diversity.
Students of classes 2 and 3 were shown videos about the life of Nelson Mandela. They also created beautiful posters by pasting pictures and writing messages on their own handprints. As an add-on to the activity, class 3 made vibrant bookmarks using calligraphic skills to note Mandela's famous quotes. 

Classes 4 and 5 observed the occasion with activities based on language skills. Students were shown videos relating to the topic and a brief discussion was undertaken on the United Nation’s theme for Mandela Day 2020 - “Take action, Inspire change.” Students also did a writing skill activity -“Questions I would have asked Nelson Mandela if he was alive” and a word search of words related to Mandela. They recorded their thoughts, views and ideas on the theme of working together for the betterment of the world in short video recordings.

Class 6 designed innovative posters on the struggles of the leader in juxtaposition with Gandhiji's freedom struggle. A classroom discussion on– ‘Voice to No Tobbaco Day’ was also conducted on the occasion.

Class 7 integrated music in their online session as 'music is an image of emotions'. “Make it a better place” was melodiously sung by the students who also took an oath to fight injustice by being benevolent to the needy. 

Lastly, class  8 wove art in their session to create artistic images of Nelson Mandela. The students composed a timeline of the historical imprints left by him on the sands of time.

All in all, the manifold activities effectively ingrained in the young minds, the timeless and universal values propounded and fought for by Mr Mandela.

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