Ambedkar Jayanti is observed not just in India but in several parts of  the world. 14th April marks the birth anniversary of Babasaheb Ambedkar, the father of the constitution of India and civil rights activist who was born in1891.The Foundation School commemorated the occasion to reiterate the enduring values he held so close, on 15 April, 2021.

Our Pre school students celebrated the day with a story-telling session by their class teachers who told them the story of his life, including interesting facts and the great reformer’s contributions for his countrymen.

Students of Pre-Primary were told about his life and how the Indian constitution was born. They melodiously sang together,  ‘..the world being round’. This was followed by a badge making activity.

Class 1 students observed the day comprehending why Dr Ambedkar  is called the ‘Father of the Indian constitution’ and his role in India’s freedom struggle. They wrote down his famous quotes on colour sheets.

Students of class 2 deliberated upon Dr Amdedkar's struggles and contributions as seen in a biopic on his life. Incidents from his life were enumerated for inculcating good values. Student recreated his work with portraits and related crafts.

In class 3, students watched a short video signifying the importance of the 130th birth commemoration. Portrayed in their craft work, students depicted the three learnings they wish to imbibe in their own lives.

To emphasise his important contributions for our society, students of class 4 shared their ideas on ‘A free nation’, as enshrined in our constitution. Later they were introduced to the great leader's contributiom through a video, pivotal for nurturing India and its culture.

On this day, class 5 viewed a video that highlighted the champion of Dalit rights, namely, Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar. Students discussed his contributions to shape present-day India. They expressed their views in posters and sketches.

Classes 6,7, 8 had an interactive session based on an illustration presented in class regarding B.R. Ambedkar’s real-life incidents. Students created ‘A Tree of Qualities’, as they stuck leaves with an enduring belief each. Each leaf depicted a quality required by each citizen of India to make our motherland a strong democracy. 

Ending the day with a greater learning- “One need not be born into great and influential families but with goals, hard work and responsibilities one can become great.”