On 30 th October, 2019, the students of class 2A engaged in an interactive Skype session with the students of the Mansoura International College School, Mansoura,Egypt. The session began with both the sides greeting each other by waving their respective national flags and a warm shout out of ‘ Hello’! Soon the sides warmed up to each other and the conversation comprised school life, traditional cuisines, hobbies, languages spoken and the famous sport in both the countries.They spoke about the world’s longest river, the Nile, the shape of the Egyptian pyramids,  The Pyramid of Khufu - the largest Pyramid, the celebration of  Id ul Fitr, etc . Our students spoke about their National flower , National fruit, National flag, National tree and the various tourist destinations of India. At the end the young Indianites sang their national anthem. 


It was a novel introduction to peers of less familiar part of the world. The ice broken, the enthusiasm and the curiosity to discover the new culture on either side by the children, was delightful to observe.

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