Self Discovery Week is the marker of the beginning of the new academic session and remains a highlight on The Foundation School calendar. With offerings that are rich, varying multi-dimensional, and inter connected with the world around, the School aims at addressing the intellectual, social, physical, emotional and personal needs of the students leading to child-centred personal development.

This year, School observed Self-Discovery Week from 5 to 10 April 2021. All students of classes PP to VIII participated in several interesting inter-disciplinary activities to identify their potential.

Activities for PS and PP students were planned with the idea of attempting to know oneself better in the play way mode. 'Pick a letter', 'Mirror My Image', 'Craft Our Expression', were platforms where the kids were prompted to describe, draw and paint their own images. The students also made photo frames,  inserting in them, their recent and oldest pictures for a comparative observation of how they have  changed.

Class 1 students observed Self-Discovery Week by participating in activities like ‘My future self’ and ‘Making self-portraits’ where they dressed according to the vocation they think they will opt for in the future and spoke a few lines about why they think so.

The children also observed their mirror images in a looking glass and keenly drew portraits of themselves. 

Class 2: Students largely focussed on the artistic expression of the self. Like every flower blooms with each petal extending itself for the whole, students wrote their good traits on a crafted flower, showing how beautifully they are growing up and working towards their goal of being the best version of themselves. 

Class 3: To prompt the activity, the teacher narrated a story to the students. Once the story was narrated, the students picked one character from the story and made a video using Flipgrid and also wrote 7-8 lines on the topic ‘If I were a character in the story.' In Hindi, students answered a questionnaire prepared by their teachers. This carried questions to which finding answers egged the students to spot their own traits. 

Class 4: During the Self-Discovery Week, the students of class 4 used their creativity and made innovative face masks with fabric and wrote five adjectives that best describe them. They also actively participated in another activity wherein they wrote about their hobbies and presented this beautifully on coloured sheets during the online sessions. 

Class 5: Young writers of class 5 created a poem Cinquin. This activity helped them know themselves better and paved the way to create original content exhibiting ideas, memories and varied ways of expressing themselves. Students also composed a poem in Hindi describing the change they see in themselves.

Class 6-8: "Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.”  Following the words of Aristotle, the middle school of TFS engaged in activities of different subjects that largely accelerated their introspection about themselves. In English, students read the autobiographies of writers like Ruskin Bond and Sudha Murthy. They also wrote lyrics on 'Age is no bar, Goals are' and 'A Superhero in me'. 

In Hindi, the speaking skills of students were enhanced when they were made to share their memorable experiences from when they were younger. Students also wrote short poems on "My Unique Characteristic".

Our young mathematicians dree their own timelines by marking all the major events in their lives since birth till March 2021. They marked events like: the year in which they took admission in play school, the first certificate received in school, the day when they lost the first tooth, etc. Students drew the beautiful timelines on coloured sheets and decorated them for submissions later. Through this activity thr students got a chance to explore events of the past and present the data with the help of math.

Thus, the week-long voyage of self-discovery met its end leaving our young voyagers surprised as they all discovered  new aspects of their multi-faceted young personalities! Man’s quest for self-discovery is eternal and so we wish our young travellers many such moments in the future towards greater self-realisation and self-actualisation.