Someone once said “Don’t you dare compare your magic to mine or anyone else’s. That’s a fool’s mission, you know. No happiness was ever born wishing you had someone else’s gift while ignoring your own. Stop looking around and look within. You are your own magic, own that thing”.

Echoing this impactful thought into our children’s world loud and clear, The Foundation School held a Virtual storytelling session on 10 September, 2020 for the students of classes III-V.


Ms. Bina Kapoor, noted storyteller and curator of children’s books published by Panchtantra Publishers, was our guest speaker who prompted the students to learn to narrate stories in their own magical ways! Many of Ms. Kapoor's books have been recommended by NCERT for  English.

The session welcomed all to the colourful world of fantasy and imagination, creating a world of wonder. Thereby seamless threads of creative thought were ushered in the minds of the children. Stories of morals and inspiration, magic and thrill took the children on a flight of adventure.

Our little explorers were also taken on a  virtual safari where diversity is a rich lesson. They were introduced to  a character named “Chippo’’ who doesn't believe in his own magic. The students were curious to find what happens next when the animals play a game, where 'counting' their abilities is akin to counting their gifts.

The delighted students thanked the narrator for the wonderful experience of incredible stories and creative illustrations. Ending the session was as hard as for us as was for Ms. Kapoor!