Diwali is a festival of joy, love and cheer! The students of 4A wished to celebrate the festival with their classmates and they ensured they did! 

We launched the “Joy of sharing” campaign in the classroom on 25 October, 2019 wherein each student brought a small gift (diya/candle/card) to give to a classmate. Each gift carried the name of the giver but not the receiver. All the gifts were creatively wrapped in upcycled soap wrappers,bused wedding card covers, newspaper, etc), then dropped in a box covered with cloth.


The students  came up by turn and picked out a gift each with their eyes shut!  Soon each had received a special Diwali gift! Their happiness was palpable. With much excitement they opened their gifts and thanked their friends, wishing them “Happy Diwali”!

It was a wonderful feeling to watch the children as one big family♥️. We left for the day promising to bring a smile to someone in need during this festive season.

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